The rules are important

These are the rules that we enforce, they are important and not following them will result in being kicked

The glorious rules

1Always Be Nice
Never be rude to your clanmates! Help them out, give them tips and help them, but never be rude. There is a zero-tolerance for rudeness - you WILL be kicked if you treat other clanmates with disrespect.
The most important thing of any clan is to help out your clanmates. To keep everyone happy, help out whenever you can. Please donate minimum level 4 archers and wizards as default. If people request specific troops please respect this.
3Clan Wars
To be a part of our Clan Wars team you have to make us aware that you actually want to war. You do this by telling us in the channel. If you are part of the war you are expected to use both your attacks unless absolutely futile. Please ask if you do not wish to use your last attack.
4Joining War Team
To be part of a war you need to meet some requirements - war is not for everybody. If you have rushed your townhall badly and you are not able to punch at your own townhall level, you will not be included in wars. Also, there is a minimum of 2 waiting days for brand new members to join the team - this is done to prevent as many hoppers as possible. If you are sure you wish to be part of the clan this should be a very short waiting period. Still - remember to say in channel if you wish to join wars!
5War Base
We expect you to make an effort with your war base to prevent 3-stars as much as possible. When you ask to be part of wars you will be asked to show us your war base and accept inputs to making it better.
6English Only
We are an international clan and we accept any nationality as long as you can communicate. This means you have to request in English only and you have to speak English in channel. Failing to do this WILL get you kicked.

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