Strategy guide

Come with a plan or leave in defeat!... No wait, that's another game

Townhall 9 strategy

LavaLoon basics

Just a basic video about what to look for and how to execute, hope it helps someone :)

Pure hog attack

Hussen's signature attack is all about the hogs. It's important to lure the Clan Castle and get that taken care of before releasing the hogs - killing the Queen is also a very good idea if at all possible. Go all in with 4 heals and pre-heal so hogs can take a single big bomb hit. 

Before releasing see if you can scout the big bomb placements and trigger them if possible. Time is of the essence though, so make it fast. Be sure to have troops to drop for clean up or you will fail the time limit.

How it's NOT done


Here we see a perfect example of how when hogs fail... they fail miserably! 

The Clan Castle is not lured properly, healing is being mis-used because of the two entry points that will make them meet but there is no pre-heal. Also notice how important it is to eliminate queen if you want to use this strategy. She has great range and deals loads of damage so her staying alive pretty much means your hogs will not :)


Fladmus plays around with getting the golavaloon to work. Key elements are as usual, kill the queen and create a funnel. Get your Lavahounds in there with rage for balloons. Lavahounds should burst or you run out of time. Run balloons in from sides in a circle, be careful of air sweeper.

A test video purely for practising

Yeah so I made this video to see how to make them. I have wrong software and no script, so it's too long and transitions are not good etc. Also there shoulda been a better theme. Since some have shown interest, here it is :)